13th Aban Museum

13th Aban Museum , tehran
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13th Aban Museum

This small museum was originally used as municipal stables since the advent of Pahlavi dynasty. Transformed into museum in 1946 and sponsored by the Red Crescent Organization, it is crammed solid with various watercolor paintings and bronze figures by the famous modern Iranian sculptor Seyed Ali Akbar-e San?ati. All statues are life-size or larger and the subjects include such notables as the poets Ferdowsi and Sa?di, Kamal ol-Molk the 20th century Iranian painter, a crucified Christ, Shah Abbas I, Nader Shah, and Mahatma Gandhi, plus tombs of two Iraq-Iran War martyrs. The most interesting work seems to be a group statue showing Iran?s famous political prisoners in chain during the reign of Pahlavi dynasty.

Iranians can recognize some of the most famous poets and the late Ali Akbar-e Dehkhoda, Iran?s ever-greatest scholar, lexicographer and compiler of Loghatnameh (Persian Encyclopedic Dictionary). Nothing is labeled in English.

Visiting hours: 07:00 a.m. through 19:30 p.m. everyday, except Tuesdays.

Address: on the northwest corner of Imam Khomeini Square, Tel: 671915.

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