Local and Regional Foods, East Azarbaijan

East Azarbaijan
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East Azarbaijan is well known for its colorful and variety in cuisine. Breakfast is accompanies with a wide range of jams, cream, a variety of fresh bread and. For lunch and dinner a number of dishes made out of meat, vegetables accompanied by a variety of pickles. To name a few of the ‘Aash’ of a kind of soup: Aash Sheer, Aash Dooq, Aash Aanar, Aash Maast, Koofteh or Meat-Balls such as Koofteh Tabrizy, Turkey, and Koofteh Farangi. Other dishes are Badamjan Shekam Pareh, a variety of Kookoos and the famous ‘Chelo-Kabab and Kabab (Turkish) to name a few.

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