Abbasi Jame’ Mosque (Imam Mosque), Esfahan

Abbasi Jame' Mosque , Esfahan
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Abbasi Jame’ Mosque (Imam Mosque), Esfahan

The same is located to the south of the historical square of Esfahan, and was constructed under the orders of Shah Abbas I. Though its artistic works took place during the rule of his successor; and its epigraphs are the affects of a reputed calligrapher of the Safavid era. One of the interesting features of this mosque is the echo of sound in the center of the gigantic dome in the southern section. The height of which is 52 m.and the minarets therein 48 m.;whereas the minarets at

its portal in the Naqsh-e-Jahan Square reach an elevation of 42 m. The huge one-piece marble and other slabs of stone, besides the intricate tile work and adornments prove extremely spectacular.

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