Ahar (Arasbaran)

Ahar (Arasbaran)
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Ahar (Arasbaran)

The mountainous township of Ahar can be said to be as one of the oldest sections of of East Azarbaijan. The center of which being the city of Ahar located 103 km. northeast of Tabriz. Ahar experiences cold and snowy winters and moderate summers. Dense forests cover a major portion of its valleys and the Ahar Chay River flows through this vicinity. This sector being of importance both politically and from the military point of view has proved to be historically sound too. In the early 3rd century A.H., this territory was for twenty years one of the bloodiest battlefield between Babak Khorram Din and the Arab warriors.
During the reign of the Qajar Dynasty, the city of Ahar was the center of command of Abbas Mirza (the Crown Prince of Fathali Shah) being the commander of Iranian forces during the Iran-Russian war.

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