Andimeshk, Khuzestan.

Andimeshk, Khuzestan.
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The township of Andimeshk is located to the north of the Khuzestan Province, on the southern slopes of Zagross Mountains and at a distance of 726 km from Tehran. It has common borders with Lurestan.
The city of Andimeshk was constructed near the ruins of the ancient city of “Lur” (Aritareen). “Lur” was a flourishing city, and its name is mentioned in the records of ancient geographers, i.e., Estakhry and Moqadasi. “Lur” continued flourishing till mid ages, since then it was demolished and turned into a ruin. In the Qajar era, Andimeshk gained further glory and importance due to construction of a castle by “Haj Saleh Khan Mokri”, and thereby came to be known as “Saleh Abad”, and thence Andimeshk.

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