Apadana (Darius) Palace, Shoosh, Khuzestan

Apadana (Darius) Palace, Shoosh, Khuzestan
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Apadana (Darius) Palace, Shoosh
This palace was constructed by the order of Darius the Achaemenian on the top of Elamit hillocks and is known as Darius (Apadana) Palace. The walls of the palace are made of sun baked bricks with a brick worked facade, and the pillars are of stone. Apadana Palace consists of a pavilion, haramsara (a section for court ladies), gateway, entertainment hall and three central courtyards. The internal walls of the palace are adorned with engraved glazed bricks depicting the winged-lion guard soldiers and adorned by lotus flowers, the remnants of which are on display in local museums and those in abroad. A major portion of this palace caught on fire during the reign of Ardeshir I, (461 B.C.), and finally during the conquests of Alexander, the said palace along with other Achaemenian palaces were completely ruined.

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