Aqa Bozorg School, Kashan, Esfahan

Aqa Bozorg School, Kashan, Esfahan
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Aqa Bozorg School, Kashan, Esfahan

This ancient structure has four porches and a beautiful dome with two tile worked minarets. Its courtyard and chambers that are on a lower level display an attractive aspect. Below these chambers are is the pool and nocturnal area made use of in summer. The dome is built on an octagonal platform and is doubly covered. The lower covering bears the weight of the ceiling, conducting it to the pillars, and the other is the outer covering which aids in making the dome look larger. Skylights have been affixed to the dome, along with religious versus around the dome have provided a harmonious connection between the different sections of the structure.
The ceilings of the western and winter nocturnal areas are of plaster, which have been designed on simple lines besides which is the library. The porches display intricate tile work, indicating the traditional art and culture of this land and the tombs of several trustees can be noted in the western porch. This structure was constructed in the year 1268 A.H.

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