Aqababa Habitat, Meshkin Shahr, Ardabil.

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Ardabil Province is one of the richest provinces for its wildlife. Some of these animals are as follows: Wild goat, Armenian wild sheep, wild boar, fox, wolf, black and brown bear, migratory and endemic birds (i.e. bustard, Caucasian black grouse, etc). Most important wildlife habitats are at a distance of not more than 95 km. around Meshkin Shahr. The most important habitats of the province are as follows:

Aqababa Habitat, Meshkin Shahr
This habitat is located 83 km. northeast to Meshkin Shahr, in the Aqababa Mountains with an area of 70 square kilometers is 1200 m. higher than the sea level having wild goat, wolf, rabbit, bore, partridge etc.

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