Ardabil Museum, Azerbaijan Eastern.

Ardabil Museum, Azerbaijan Eastern.
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Ardabil Museum

Originally called Chini Khaneh (Porcelain House), and part of Sheikh Safi Complex, it was inaugurated as a museum affiliated with the complex in early 1991. The architectural style of the edifice resembles that of Ali Qapu in Esfahan. It is an octagonal, domed room with four Shah Neshins ( elevated recesses). The stalactite works in this structure are considered as fine specimens of the constructional and decorative devices of the Safavid period. The Chini Khaneh, with its beautiful plaster work, is one of the most artistic and valuable parts of the complex, which is also notable for a number of fine and expensive wooden and silver doors.

Visiting Hours:) 8:30-12:00 am and 15:30-19:00 pm. Tel: (0451) 23665, 23773.

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