Avecina Tomb, Hamedan

Avecina Tomb, Hamedan
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Avecina Tomb, Hamedan
‘Avecina’, or (Hojjat-ol-Haq Sheikh-ol-Rais Sharaf-ol-Molk Abu Ali Hossein Ebne Abdollah Ebne Sina), was the great philosopher, scholar, physician of Iran (370-428 A.H.). This tomb is located in Bu Ali Sq. Hamedan. The present structure was constructed in the years 1946-1951 and since then has been repaired and renovated thrice. Located in an area of 3,090 sq. m. the area under foundation is 1,792 sq. m. The facade of the tomb is of hard stone. Three wide steps lead to the porch where there are ten stone columns. Each of these columns depicts a century from the time of the birth of this great man up to date.
The wide wooden doors of the porch open to reveal the interior with its stone walls and flooring. The main area is square in shape and the twelve base pillars supporting the tower of the tomb are situated here. The tomb of Avecina is between the tower and the tomb of his bosom friend ‘Abu Saied’. On both these graves are marble tablets and inscriptions with nine lines in the ‘Sols’ script.
On two sides of this vicinity, are two halls, one a conference hall and the other a library. The tower of the tomb has been constructed with cement and pieces of hard stone. In the midst of the twelve panels of the tower, is a cubical bronze or ‘gun metal’ chest conical at the top. On the four sides of this tomb are engravings in the ‘Sols’ script.
In the year 1949, a portrait of Bu Ali was drawn by Master Abol Hassan Sadiqi, based on particulars obtained from records. In accordance with this portrait, the statue of Bu Ali Sina was sculptured in white marble and affixed in Bu Ali square of Hamedan.

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