Baba Roknedin Tomb, Esfahan

Baba Roknedin Tomb, Esfahan
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Baba Roknedin Tomb, Esfahan
This tomb is located in the cemetry of Takht-e-Poullad, to the south of the Zayandeh Rood. This structure is in shape of a pyramid with twelve panels. The current structure is of the Shah Abbas period. The exterior and facade is worked in tiles. The base of the dome is five-sided with five porches surrounding the structure below. The tomb is located in one of these porches and has a marble tombstone of over 2 m. in length and 1.16 m. in width and marble slabs with the dimensions of 163 x 89 cm. are affixed vertically around. This tomb is a relic of the Safavid era and was repaired in the year 1200 A.H.

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