Bam, Iran
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The township of Bam is located to the east of the province, and lies at a distance of 1,283 km. from Tehran. To its north is the township of Kerman, to its west Bardseer, in the east is Jiroft and to the south lies the province of Sistan va Baluchestan. The city of Bam is the main city of this township, and is located in a vast plain between the two mountain ranges of Barez and Kabudi. In the plains it experiences a warm climate, whereas in the higher altitudes, moderate weather prevails. Regarding its ancient history, this city intermingled with that of the old Bam Citadel, the largest clay palace of the world which was reduced to rubble on December 2003 due to a massive earthquake that stroke the region. As soon as the news of this dreadful event spread across the world, millions of people and a large number of domestic and foreign aid teams rushed to help the survivors. Unfortunately, over 50,000 people lost their lives, while more that 100,000 were injured and many became homeless. The earthquake of Bam is believed to have been the most destructive and powerful earthquake in the history of the country.

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