Bandar Anzali

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Bandar Anzali
This port is limited to the north by the Caspian Sea. Irrigated by the Chak Rood, Masal and Khamam Rood rivers, Anzali enjoys a moderate and humid weather. This city is not very archaic from the historical point of view. However, the most ancient historical notes on Bandar Anzali refer to the year 863 A.H., and mention the same as a small village. From the early Safavid period, Bandar Anzali captured the attention of the British, Russians and the central government of Iran. As then Qazvin was the capital. The English established silk trading companies in Moscow, and this aided in making the Rasht – Anzali – Baku route to Europe flourish.
Consequently, Anzali came to be known as the ‘European Gate’. During the period of Nader Shah, Bandar Anzali was converted into a transportation base. But late in the reign of Naseredin Shah and during the rule of Mozaffareddin Shah, trade reached its peak. After the undertaking of the communists and the formation of the Soviet government, the trade status between Iran and Russia severely changed and Anzali lost its former glory as a trading port. When Pahlavi I came into power, due to the keen attention paid to this port, it was reconstructed and equipped with port and shipping facilities.
At present Bandar Anzali is one of the most beautiful cities of Gilan and is the most well equipped port of the Caspian Sea.

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