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The township of Bardseer is located such that to its east are Bam and Kerman, to the south is Baft, and in the west and north are the townships of Sirjan and Rafsanjan respectively. It has a temperate and mountainous climate, with cold winters and moderate summers. After Sirjan, Bardseer was the second capital of Kerman. Though this city was not considered a seat of power in the early Islamic period, it held a vital position during the Sassanid era.
According to a famous historian, Ardeshir Babakan, (the first king of the Sassanid Dynasty) erected this city and named it ‘Vayeh Artakhshir’ which meant that ‘Ardeshir had performed a good deed’. Vayeh Artakhshir was the center of the township. It was thus located that caravans crossed this area en route from the ports of the Persian Gulf to the north western territories of the country. But later in the Sassanid rule, when Kerman was governed by margraves and its capital was moved to Sirjan, ‘Vayeh Artakhshir’ was converted into an army base. ToDay, Bardseer enjoys an important position as one of the main cities in the Province of Kerman.

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