Chaldran (Siyah Cheshmeh)

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This is a reminder of the battle between Iran and the Ottomans in the north east of Siyah Cheshmeh. The historical background in brief is as follows:
Sultan Saleem Osmani sent a message to his contemporary Shah Esmail, stating that many of the cities belonging to the Ottoman Empire was in the hands of the Qizilbash. That he wanted these to be returned, otherwise Shah Esmail would have to face the consequences.
Shah Safavid overlooked this matter and began preparations for defense. Even though he went to fight Ottoman with 30,000 soldiers (or Qizilbash), equipped with spear, swords and other warfare equipments, it was a losing battle as the Ottoman soldiers were 200,000 in number and were equipped with rifles and cannons. Despite the bravery of Iranian soldiers, Ottomans gained victory over Shah Safavid. This battle took place in the year 920 AH. and is known as the ‘Battle of Chaldran.

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