Dariush Inscriptions, Bistoon Rock

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Dariush Inscriptions, Bistoon Rock
The above mentioned is an embossment on a rock, and the main feature depicted here is that of Dariush (Darius). The monarch has a scalloped crown on the head, and his left foot rests on the chest of Geomat. Behind him are two bodyguards.
Above the head of Dariush is the image of Farvahar in flight. Farvahar carries a circular band in the left hand, which is the sign of sovereignty. The same is offered as a token to Dariush. Facing Dariush are 90 rebels (of jurisdictions under the power of the sovereign).
These rebels have harnesses around the neck and their hands are tied. This epigraph of Dariush in the Bistoon mountains, alike others of the Achaemenian period, reveal the influence of the Babylonians and Assyrians art in the Achaemenian civilization.

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