Eazeh, Khuzestan.

Eazeh, Khuzestan.
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The township of Eazeh has cold winters and moderate summers, with the city of Eazeh as its center. Eazeh lies at a distance of 1,082 km. from Tehran. This land was one of the old centers of civilization, even so during the Elamit period, and was considered as one of the prospering areas. The ancient “Anzan” or “Anshan” was also located close to the city of Eazeh.
The Greeks flourished here during the time of the Selooki or Seleucidians. Even during the Sassanian period the old city of Eazeh existed. During the early Islamic period, this city proved to be one of the important cities of Khuzestan, and had an independent ruler. In the Attabak period, the city was called Malmir (Mal-e-Amir means belonging to Amir). Later on the name of Eazeh was completely forgotten, and it was during the Pahlavi reign that it was re-focused on. Till the year 1953, Eazeh was a district of Ahvaz and it was only in 1958 that it was claimed to be a township.

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