Eshkoft Salman Cave, Eazeh, Khuzestan.

Eshkoft Salman Cave, Eazeh, Khuzestan.
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Eshkoft Salman Cave, Eazeh
The same is located at a distance of 3 km. from the current city of Eazeh. Eshkoft Salman is a cave within a natural rock, which has a spring with clear and sweet water that extrudes out through another smaller and narrower cave. To the right and opposite the Eshkoft Salman, there are two embossed profiles within two square engraved hollow surfaces.
A lighted brazier is displayed in front of them that reaches their knees. To the east of these two profiles, there is a large crevice over which the mountain has been curved, and formed a shelter. Below this, on surface of the mountain there is a rectangular epigraph with the Cuneiform script and a few engravings. Under this inscription, which is placed at high level, is a seat or throne. There is a possibility that this could also be an area for performing special rituals.

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