Esteroo Mord Khay Tomb, Hamedan

Esteroo Mord Khay Tomb, Hamedan
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Esteroo Mord Khay Tomb, Hamedan
Located in the city center, the structure has been constructed of brick and stone. This is the tomb of Ester the Queen of Shoosh (the wife of Khashayar Shah of Iran). Mordecai (Mord Khay) was her uncle. The structure was originally constructed about 11 centuries ago, by the Jewish community in order to pay homage to these two personalities. There is a probability that the current structure has been built on the original site in the 7th century A.H.
On the two graves, valuable and antique chests have been affixed. Inscriptions embossed with plaster in the Hebrew script can be noted on the upper wall. This vicinity is a place for pilgrimage of the Jewish sect, and is also held in respect by the Moslems too.

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