Faratash (Farhad Tarash) Inscription, Bistoon

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Faratash (Farhad Tarash) Inscription, Bistoon
To the south of the engraving of Dariush the Great, in the Bistoon Mountains, is a gigantic engraved rampart or wall, reputedly known as Faratash and Takht-e-Farhad by the inhabitants. It is said that the same was engraved by a decree issued by Khosrow Sassanid II approximately a millennium after the reign of Dariush. The inhabitants of this vicinity believe that the above mentioned engravings belong to Farhad (the sculpture or stone culture in this mountain).
This episode relates to a love story related to Shirin (the spouse of Khosrow Parviz) and Farhad. Needless to say, this theme is a pronounced one in many of the poems of the country. Nezami Ganjavi, the great poet being one of the prominent.
The length of the Faratash rampart is 180 m. and it must be brought to attention that no where else in Iran or on its mountains, such a colossal engraving exists.

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