Firooz Abad

Firooz Abad
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Firooz Abad
Located at 1035 km. from Tehran and in a mountainous region with a moderate climate in north and hot weather in the south, this township is one of the main gathering points for the Qashqaie tribes as a summer quarter. The present Firooz Abad city is located 3 km. to the south-east of a historical monument known as Gour which was made by Ardeshir Babakan, the founder of Sassanid Dynasty. Gour has been the center of the Ardeshir Khoreh region. Moslem Arabs captured this city in 28-29 A.H. Many historical monuments are left in the town, mainly from Sassanid period most of which are comparable to the ones of Takht-e-Jamshid (Persepolis).

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