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Situated on the plains of Gilan and to the west of Rasht, Fooman is bordered by the Alborz Ranges in the west. It is 371 km. from Tehran, and has a mild and humid climate in the plains; and cold pleasant weather in the mountains. Numerous rivers originating from the southern mountain ranges terminate at the Anzali marshes. During the period of the Islamic influence and the taking of power by the local rulers, Fooman was considered as the center of western Gilan.
The leaders of this area were mainly related to the ‘Al Eshaq’ family who considered themselves as the descendants of the Parthians. Oljaito (the Mongol), demanded the obedience of Amir Debaj (the local ruler), and ultimately, the Mongols conquered this vicinity. In the year 766 A.H., Sa’adat Al Kiya migrated to Gilan from Mazandaran. A battle took place between the Al Kiya and the Al Eshaq households. Amir Debaj who was from the Al Eshaq family was murdered in the outskirts of Rasht in the year 791 A.H. During the years 907-921 A.H., or the Shah Esmail Safavid period, this area was under the rule of ‘Amir Hessameddin’, son of ‘Amir Debaj’. During the Safavid reign, the Qizelbash army defeated the last governor of Fooman from the Al Eshaq family. Thus entire Gilan was annexed to the Safavid territory.
During the contemporary period, Fooman witnessed many revolts prior to and after the Constitutional Revolution. In the Jungle Movement, Fooman was an important hideout for the rebels. At present it is one of the developed cities of the province with amazing landscapes and is attractive from the aspect of tourism.

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