Forests and Plains, Khuzestan.

Forests and Plains, Khuzestan.
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Forests and Plains, Khuzestan
To the south and west of Khuzestan Province there is a vast plain area which is expanded on the decaying surface of young residues belonging to Tertiary period. Most of these plains have been made of alluviums of the Karoon, Karkheh and Jarahi Rivers. This plain with a gradual slope extends towards the south up to the Persian Gulf. To its extreme north is Dezful and to the south there are flat and low plains formed by flow and ebbing of the tide.
Due to versatile climate and type of soil, some regions in Khuzestan are covered by scanty forests. The skirt of the Solak Mountain is covered by large chestnut and wild almond forests. A large forest is formed in the Karkheh River banks, which consists of bushes of large trees.
In the rainy season which is from early November till mid April a great variety of vegetation grow. In humid areas mushrooms, lichens and moss thrive. In the Bakhtiyari heights, the vegetation covering is used for feeding herds. To the north and northeast the vegetation is in a steppe form, with fig, wild almonds, chestnut and oak trees, etc.

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