Forests and Recreation Places, Gilan

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Forests and Recreation Places, Gilan
Gilan’s forest views are rare and spectacular with much variety. Another special feature is its lush pastures that spread all over the province like a green carpet. Numerous rivers and springs that flow through the valleys and foothills add to its beauty. The protraction of routes connecting the mountains to the forests gives way to the heart of the jungles.
Green pastures, dense forests, eye-catching countryside and high mountains all provide recreational opportunities. The province is widely known for its pleasant weather. The countryside’s landscape and natural environment compared to the plains have transformed it to a spectacular tourist attraction. The vicinities noted below are known to be tourist spots:
Masooleh and its surrounding resort areas, Daylaman, Rahim Abad, Garmab Dasht, Koochid, Rostam Abad and Salansar, Asalem to Khalkhall, Imamzadeh Ebrahim and Imamzadeh Essaq (A.S.), Qaleh Rood Khan, Gowhar Rood valley and the Ashkoor valley route.

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