Geyan Hill, Nahavand, Hamadan.

Geyan Hill, Nahavand, Hamadan.
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Geyan Hill, Nahavand
This hill is in Geyan, west of Nahavand city, and dates to the 4th-1st millennium B.C. In the excavations made at this site, archeologists have defined five cycles of civilizations. The fifth or lower most section is at a depth of 7.5-19 m. Here earthenware has been discovered light green or yellow in color and designed in black, axes made of copper were also found here. The fourth section (or floor) is at a depth of 7.5-9 m. In this sector earthenware with the images of sea gulls and an eagle with opened wings have been found.
Furthermore, a vast cemetery has also been discovered together with articles such as metal ware, water goblets, silver armlets, etc. The earthenware found in the next segment (3rd floor), are three legged vessels of brick color and designed with black lines. Besides which swords and other articles and vessels have been found here. On the fourth floor, the remnants of structures can be noted. Earthenware found here are designed with the images of birds. Other vessels made of clay, yellow-gray in color in various shapes, round pots decorated with geometrical design have been discovered here.

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