Glassware and Ceramics Museum

Glassware and Ceramics Museum , tehran
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Glassware and Ceramics Museum

The mansion housing the Glassware and Ceramics Museum, itself a museum is 80 years old. It was built by an Iranian politician named Ahmad Qavam as his personal residence. Standing in a garden covering 7,000 square meters, it used by the owner until 1953 when it was sold to the Egyptian Embassy. The articles on display are divided into five categories, each in one gallery: 1) Enamel Gallery, where glass and ceramic artifacts dating back to the second and first millennia BC are exhibited. Examples of glass rods, perfume vials, pitchers and necklaces belonging to the second millennium BC up to the Parthian period are among the artifacts on display here. 2) Crystal Gallery, where glassware belonging to the first millennium BC, with molded or appended decorations and incised or pressed motifs are displayed here. It must be noted that during the Sassanian period glass carving reached a peak of perfection in Iran, so that the Sassanian glassware were exported throughout the then civilized world. Nowadayss numerous samples of these are preserved in the Shoso?in and Nara collections in Japan and in St. Mark’s cathedral in Venice. 3) Nacre Gallery, where samples of glass and ceramic artifacts from the 9th ?13th centuries AD are exhibited. In this period a new method of glass carving on the background developed through which the artisan could leave the intended motifs in relief on the background. 4) Gold Gallery, the artifacts exhibited comprise the inscribed vessels from the 10th-13th centuries AD, including various goldtinted, turquoise-colored and white-slip glazed items. On most of these, all sorts of sayings, good-wishes, poems of Nezami and Ferdowsi or verses of Arabic poetry can be read. 5) Lapis lazuli Galleries 1 & 2, where glassware and ceramics from 12th-19th centuries are on display.

In the Audio-Visual Hall, slides and films related to glass and ceramics making are shown. There is a specialized library with 2,000 volumes of books in English and 900 in Persian, all in the fields of motion pictures, theater, architecture, music, photography, art history, and archaeology for the students and researchers.

Visiting hours: everyday 9:00-17:00 except Mondays

Address: 50 Jomhuri Ave, 30th Tir St. Tel: 678153-4.

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