Hamedan Jame’ Mosque, Hamedan

Hamedan Jame' Mosque, Hamedan
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Hamedan Jame’ Mosque, Hamedan
The said mosque is located near the central Sq. of Hamedan and to the west of Ekbatan avenue. The mosque is rectangular in shape, and formerly had four porches of which three have been remained. This structure comprises of two areas for nocturnal prayers, a brick dome and a large and pleasant court-yard with a huge pool in the centre. To the southern side of the mosque are shallow arches, and in the east and northern sides are the minarets. In the entrance corridor is a large stone trough, made of one piece of stone. On this, the name of the endower and date of the endowment is stated, besides which is a verse written in the Nasta’liq script.

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