Handicrafts and Souvenirs, Khuzestan.

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Handicrafts and Souvenirs, Khuzestan
From the past, the Province of Khuzestan was renounced for its textiles and silk weaving industry. The ancient Arab geographer Al Moqaddassi has mentioned about the textiles of this area in his records. Shooshtar and its surroundings are renounced for its sleeveless cloaks made of both thick and fine materials. Shadegan is also famous for its cloaks. The weaving of the Islamic veil and the Arab veil is a dominant feature here. Bed Sheets of Shooshtar, waist wrappers of Dezful, jajeems (a loosely woven woolen material) of Shadegan are worth mentioning. Besides there are other handicrafts such as, carpet, a kind of chain stitch embroidery, Gelim weaving (a type of coarse carpet), Jajeem weaving, mat and rush mat weaving, bedding wrappers, manufacture of Warsaw silver and … can be taken to account as the handicrafts of this province.

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