Historic Bridges, Azerbaijan Eastern.

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Historic Bridges

Most of the existing bridges date back to the Safavid period:

Jejin (Yeddi Guz), on Balikhlu river, with stone abutments and brick arches, already used by the public.
Ebrahim Abad, located between the Varzesh Square and Ali Abad.
Yaghubieh, with five spans, located in Pasdaran Street.
Seyed Abad, located at the beginning of Seyed Abad Alley and Pir Madar district.
Kalkhoran, in Kalkhoran village.
Nir, on Aghla Ghan river.
Ghara Su, on Balikhlu river.
Almas, on Balikhlu river, km 13 of Ardabil-Sarab road, in the vicinity of Almas village.

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