Hozeh Sultan Lake, Qom

Hozeh Sultan Lake, Qom
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In respect to other parts of Iran, Qom Province is poor from the point of view of natural attractions and recreational areas. The province is limited to two lakes and rivers. Though the fringes of these regions lack the suitable amenities for recreational purposes, some areas on the other hand offer a scope for such activities. The important lakes and rivers of the province are:

Hozeh Sultan Lake, Qom
The said lake covers an area of approximately 2,400 sq. km. and is located to the east of the township of Qom. This lake is reputedly known by the names of Saveh, Qom and Shahi Lake. The length and width of the same is about 80 km. and 30 km. respectively.
Due to rainfall and additional water from melting snows, the volume extent of the water of the lake increases, and floods the land surrounding the rush brakes and salt marshes, bringing into presence a large lake to the length of 80 km. known as the Hozeh Sultan Lake or Salt Lake; whereas, there is a natural decrease in capacity when climatic conditions differ. Various rivers flow into this lake, after generally crossing the salt marshes of the surrounding regions.
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Salt Lake, Qom
The said lake is in actual fact a part of the salt desert of Iran and is located to the east of Qom. It is a section of an ancient lake, currently dried up and rich in mineral sedimentation due to gradual evaporation. This salt desert lies amidst the provinces of Khorassan, Sistan, Qom, Esfahan and Yazd. The Salt Lake contains water only in the winter months, whereas in summer a crust of salt attracts attention. This region experiences an extremely dry climate and the difference between Day and night temperatures range till approximately 70 C. This difference in temperatures makes the rocks of the surrounding elevations crack, crumpling into mounds of sand, and air currents cause them to move.

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