Imam Mosque

Imam Mosque , tehran
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Imam Mosque

Imam Mosque (historically known as Masjid-e Shah or the Royal Mosque), the construction of which began by Fath Ali Shah Qajar in about 1809 in line with his efforts to embellish the newly founded capital, was completed in 1849. It stands at the northern entrance to the bazaar not far from the Golestan Palace. Two side entrances of the mosque lead directly into the bazaar. The southern ivan opens onto the prayer hall. The mosque has the usual four ivans, on each of the four sides of a single-story arcaded court, decorated with early 19th century haft rangi tiles. The turquoise and white dome of the sanctuary chamber beyond the south ivan is crowned by a small gilded cupola seen here peeping over the ivan. At the pool in the center of the court ? a feature of nearly all mosques-the faithful perform their ritual ablutions before each prayer.

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