Imamzadeh Abdollah, Shooshtar, Khuzestan.

Imamzadeh Abdollah, Shooshtar, Khuzestan.
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Imamzadeh Abdollah, Shooshtar
This tomb is located on an elevation in the south of Shooshtar, around which is an old cemetery. Its stone entrance is related to the Safavid era. The tall portal has two minarets on either side and these are adorned with tile work.
This Imamzadeh also has a quaint wooden door which dates to 1035 A.H. Its domed ceiling is adorned with flower patterns related to the Qajar period, and its brass sepulcher is a relic from the reign of Naseredin Shah Qajar. The current structure of the mausoleum is the effect of Mehdi Ali Khan, the governor of Shooshtar during the reign of Shah Abbas Safavid in the year 1002 A.H. The said Imamzadeh is related to the fourth Imam of the Shiite sect.

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