Imamzadeh Ahmad-ebne Eshaq, Qom

Imamzadeh Ahmad-ebne Eshaq, Qom
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Imamzadeh Ahmad-ebne Eshaq, Qom

The above mentioned is situated in the Old Square of Qom (Maidan Kohneh). This is the tomb of one of the grand children of the 7th Imam (A.S.). The Imamzadeh was put under repairs, and thereby expanded in the year 1317 A.H., during the reign of Mozaffareddin Shah. The original shrine of the Imamzadeh dates back to the period of pre-Safavid dynasty. The structure is four-sided both internally and externally. A turreted effect architectural style relevant to the period of Shah Tahmasb Safavid is observed in this mausoleum. In the center of the structure is the tomb with a latticed worked wooden sepulcher on it.

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