Imamzadeh Azhar-ebne Ali, Razan, Hamadan.

Imamzadeh Azhar-ebne Ali, Razan, Hamadan.
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Imamzadeh Azhar-ebne Ali, Razan
This structure is in the village of Darjezin, in Razan district. The said is a cylindrically shaped tower 20 m. in height and with 19 panels. It has a dome made of flat brick. Within the structure which is spherical, is the tomb. On this tomb is a wooden chest with inscriptions from versus of the Holy Qoran. The chest was constructed in the year 1056 A.H. under the orders of Shah Abbas Safavid II. The actual tomb however, is in the basement. The said structure dates back to the Mongol period (7th century A.H.). During the reign of Shah Abbas II (1056 A.H.) it was repaired.

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