Imamzadeh Esmaeil (Shahzadeh Esmaeil), Qom

Imamzadeh Esmaeil (Shahzadeh Esmaeil), Qom
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Imamzadeh Esmaeil (Shahzadeh Esmaeil), Qom

The same is located on the skirts of Bidqan, at a distance of 18 km. from Qom. It is one of the oldest pilgrimage sites of the province. This is the mausoleum of three personalities being, Shahzadeh Esmaeil and his offspring Hamzeh and Shahzadeh Mohammad. Historical relics in this Imamzadeh are named as its priceless doors, beautiful tiles and carved chest that has been placed on the tomb. The structure comprises of a mausoleum, dome, porch, courtyard and mosque. The mausoleum, which has been constructed of stone and gypsum, is relevant to the 7th century A.H. Externally, the structure is cylindrical, but internally turns into a quadrangle.
The cornices of this structure resemble the Mongol style, worked in octagonal sun baked tiles. On the fringes of which are inscriptions revealing the date of 668 A.H. The dome of the mausoleum was from the period of Shah Esmaeil Safavid, but due to later repairs acquired a pyramid shape with 16 panels. The Imamzadeh has a decorative pulpit to the date of 922 A.H.

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