Imamzadeh Shah Ebrahim, Qom

Imamzadeh Shah Ebrahim, Qom
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Imamzadeh Shah Ebrahim, Qom

This structure is situated in the pastures of Shah Ebrahim, 24 km. from Qom, and the present structure is related to the Safavid age. The dome rises to a height of 7 m. and is adorned with turquoise colored tiles. The entrance of the mausoleum is to the west and has a porch to its opposite. Internally the structure is a quadrangle, with additional half arches in the four corners, thereby changing its shape to a sphere. The ancient relic of this Imamzadeh consist of its carved wooden door dating to 1015 A.H., a piece of carved wood belong to 1015 A.H., which is affixed on the southern porch near the entrance, and four engravings which are affixed to the southern portion of the western porch.

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