Imamzadeh Soleiman, Qom

Imamzadeh Soleiman, Qom
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Imamzadeh Soleiman, Qom

This Imamzadeh is the burial site of one of the descendants of Imam Sajad (P.B.U.H.) and is situated at a distance of 2 km. north of the village of Sarom Abad and 26 km. south east of Qom. Externally, the structure is made of stone and gypsum, and at a later date a porch was added to it. Internally, the structure is an irregular quadrangle with two entrances. The flooring is of tiles, and its current dome is of clay, with a rod like structure at its apex, covered with tiles. To the east of the mausoleum are two small and historical tablets of black stone. The same is engraved with the ‘Nastaliq’ script and reveals the name of the demised and the dates 970 and 989A.H. It seems that the primary construction of this mausoleum is related to the Eilkhani period.

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