Iran weekly Bazaars

Iran weekly Bazaars
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Weekly Bazaars
Along with the permanent bazaars existing in the Iranian towns and cities , there are also some occasional , say , weekly markets which were erected in a special district and were generally named after the Day on which they were regularly opened , such as FriDay bazaar or SaturDay bazaar.
Rural salesmen and vendors usually put up the weekly bazaars. The weekly flea markets offer a variety of merchandise at reasonable prices. They are often packed with customers , a determining factor that insure their survival.
Hawkers and peddlers also spread their wares alongside the pavements and around the squares , calling on the window-shoppers to come closer and touch the quality of the merchandise.
The weekly fairs offer a variety of goods and wares ranging from fruits to vegetables , foodstuffs , home appliances , fowls and , even handicrafts. Some shopkeepers oppose the weekly marketplace , for it robs them of their clientele. Others capitalize on the event by selling their low-quality goods and therefore compensate for the short demand

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