Isfahan Bazaar

Isfahan Bazaar
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Isfahan Bazaar
In Isfahan , the bazaar forms a part of the Imam Khomeini (former Naqsh-e Jahan) Square , which is one of the largest and most beautiful squares in the world.
The square , 500 x 160 meters , was set up in the second half of the 16th century AD by the Safavid King , Shah Abbas I. At the time the square was used for a variety of purposes including as a polo field. Ruins of the opposing polo goal bars , engraved into stone still stand in front of the bazaar gate and the Imam (former Shah) Mosque.
South of the square lies the Imam Mosque , facing the bazaar on the north. Ali Ghapou monumental compound on the west and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque on the east occupy other sides of the square.
The Isfahan bazaar is briefly described as a district consisting numerous streets with stores on both sides connected together , under a high-rise roof.
Some of the arcades , including the textiles bazaar and the Qeisariye market , have been ornately designed , thanks to their proximity to the royal palaces , and the famous mosques.
In order to provide the necessary lighting for the bazaar’s environment , some skylights were built on the roof to let the sunlight in. The reorientation of the sun in the sky changes direction of the light beam.
Surrounded by four intersecting outlets , the shops of the Qeisariye bazaar are made of stone and built two-storied. The floor of the shops are entirely stone-carpeted and the roofs brick-made.
There was a royal coin mint in the Qeisariye bazaar dubbed the “Imperial House”. Historians say the mint was the only one of its kind in Iran.
The goldsmiths’ bazaar , which was built during the reign of the Safavid King , Shah Abbas I , was connected to the coffee bazaar , run by Kashan traders , through the canvas bazaar. The coffee bazaar branched out into four smaller marketplaces , one of them named Dar ol-Shafa.
Other bazaars of Isfahan are the gun-makers’ bazaar , flanked by the samovar-makers’ bazaar and the flint-makers’ bazaar. The two are sometimes commonly described as fencers’ bazaar.

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