Javan Rood

Javan Rood, kermanshah
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Javan Rood
The township of Javan Rood is situated to the northwest of Kermanshah and from the north is limited to the Kurdistan Province. It has temperate climate. Javan Rood is located at a distance of 585 km,from Tehran. Hamdollah Mostowfi, a famous historian, has made special mention of the same with a pleasant climate, hunting grounds and vegetation as well as being an area of grain cultivation. In 1067 A.H. to the west of Javan Rood was the city of Zoor, to the south was Zahab of Kermanshah, to the east was Ravansar and to the north it was linked to Uoraman.
In the period of Shah Tahmasb Safavid, Safi Khan, the King of Gooran, Mir Zia Eddin, was its governor and constructed castles around it. In the Afshariyeh and Zandieh periods, Javan Rood came in the hand of their brother and offspring. In the Qajar era Amanollah Khan the governor gave over the rule of Jaf and Javan Rood to his son Muhammad Sadeq. After which, in the year 1320 A.H. it was ruled by one of the Beig-Zadegan, Rostam Beik Jaf.
This city presently has expanded and flourished and also has a beautiful surroundings as well.

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