Kalkhoran, Ardabil.

Kalkhoran, Ardabil.
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The 16-century AD mausoleum of Sheikh Safis father, Sheikh Jabrail, is in the village of Kalkhoran, 3 km to the north of Ardabil. It is a four-sided structure with an ivan, two porches and a tiled dome, and is of particular importance in respect of its plaster stalactite decorations, plentiful ornamental elements, exceptional tile work, carvings, and excellent inscriptions. Repaired in 1621 AD during the reign of Shah Abbas I, the mausoleum comprises many other historical tombs all around the courtyard, including those of Seyed Hamza, Seyed Mohammad Iraqi, and Firuz Shah, most of whom were among the commanders and dignitaries of the Safavid period. Sare Ein This is a really tourist town 29 km to the west of Ardabil. It is one of the most important hot spring spa centers in Iran and the world, annually attracting more than 1,500,000 visitors coming to use its 9 spas with therapeutic values. A hydrotherapical center under construction here will be completed soon and can be used both by Iranians and foreigners.

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