Karkheh River, Khuzestan.

Karkheh River, Khuzestan
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Karkheh River, Khuzestan
The Karkheh River, is the third widest river in Iran after the Karoon and Sefid Rood Rivers. It originates from watersheds of southeast Kermanshah, and after flowing a long distance and adjoining other tributaries under the name of “Qarah Soo” River along its course intermingles with “Tang Kenesht” and “Gamasiyab” Rivers, and gushing through the valley between “Galleh” and “Kooh Sefid” Mountains in the west, flows towards the south. At this point, it joins the “Gashani” River, and forms Seimareh River.
Seimareh River enters Khorram Abad after flowing a long distance and adjoining various rivers. The Seimareh River crosses the “Shir Qoreh”, “Howl”,”Qal’eh Sam” and “Papeleh” Mountains and enters the Province of Ilam. Over here at first it adjoins the “Chardavol” River and after crossing a narrow and zigzag valley of “Kooh Gavar” and “Lareh” Mountains, diverts towards the south. Thereafter, it passes by many rural areas, and after adjoining a number of rivers, it intermingles with the Ab-e-Fath River. Through the territory of “Qallah Sooreh” gains access to the Sorkheh village in the township of Dezful. On crossing the “Sorkheh-e-Naderi”, it enters a wide area, and a branch of it under the name of “Shavoor” segregates and flows towards the city of Shoosh.
The main river of Kharkheh, on joining the Roofayeh River, passes by Shoosh at a distance of 2 km., and after crossing a region called “Lahyozar”, 36 km. northwest of Ahvaz, diverges towards the southwest. Where it flows alongside the Hamidiyeh city and enters the rural areas of Dasht-e-Azadegan Township. Thereafter it enters “Dabestan” area and dividing into various branches it enters”Hoor-ol-Azim”. It overflows in the rainy seasons and terminates to the Tigris River. The course of this river right from the beginning to the end is astonishing and interesting.

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