Kerman Gonbad-e Moshtaghieh

Kerman Gonbad-e Moshtaghieh
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Kerman Gonbad-e Moshtaghieh

Standing to the east of Masjid-e Jame, Gonbad-e Moshtaghieh of the early nineteenth century (Qajar period), is also known as the Seh Gonbad. It has got very fine tile decorations in its interior. The tower has been constructed on three tombs belonging to Moshtagh Alishah (a 19th century mystic), Sheikh Esmail, and Kowsar Alishah. This Gonbad has been repaired before the Islamic Revolution. A costly manbar (pulpit) and some rich plaster decorations on the ceiling of the Gonbad and mural painting constitute the main attractions of the place.

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