Kermanshah Other Castles and Forts

Kermanshah Other Castles and Forts
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Other Castles and Forts
The other castles of the province are as follows:
Hajir Castle18 km. north west of Sahneh, Yazdgerdi Castle 12 km. north west of Rijab -Yan Zardeh district of Kerend, Zardeh castle in north western Rijab, Shahin Castle in 18 km. of Qasr Shirin – Kermanshah Road, the small Keh Castle in Kerend – Kermanshah Road, Maryam Castle on Sar Pol-e-Zahab Route, Manijeh Castle en route from Sar Pol-e-Zahab to Deyreh, Khamoosh Castle on the Kermanshah – Rijab – Kerend Road, Harsin Castle, and Jiyan castle in Islam Abad Qarb and Gabri Castle in Sar Pol-e-Zahab that are totally related to the Sassanid period.

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