Khezr Mausoleum, Shooshtar, Khuzestan

Khezr Mausoleum, Shooshtar, Khuzestan
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Khezr Mausoleum, Shooshtar
This mausoleum is situated in Shooshtar, and comprises of two court-yards, the mausoleum and its porches. Upon a red colored stone arch the date of 762 A.H. can be observed. The mausoleum in the lower section is tetragonal while at the upper section is octagonal. The ceilings under the dome have four conical apertures according to Saljuqi architecture. In the other court-yard is a mausoleum with a small door, an octagonal dome and beautiful plaster work of the Saljuqi era. On the ceilings of one of the porches there is a poem written on plaster with beautiful calligraphy on which the date of 1248 A.H. is seen.

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