Kiyamaky Protected Zone, Marand

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In the province of East Azarbaijan a variety of wildlife is present particularly in the mountainous and forest regions. There are animals such as bear, wolf, and rabbit. alongside the rivers and lakes as well as species like partridge, duck, wild duck, ringdove, pelican, flamingo, a variety of ducks, crane, swan, ostrich, gulls and In the higher mountains of Sahand, Bozqoosh and Qara Daq, wildlife such as a variety of wild sheep, wild goat, partridge, bear, leopard, gazelle and eagle can be observed. Besides reptiles in forest areas, fishes in the rivers and both immigrant and endemic birds near lakes and ponds are also present. Protected Areas of the province are the following:

Kiyamaky Protected Zone, Marand
Covering an area of 84,000 hectares that is extending from the banks of Aras river and reaching a height of 3,347 m. in the mountains of Kiyamaki.

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