Koocheh Brick Bridge, Kangavar

Koocheh Brick Bridge, Kangavar
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Koocheh Brick Bridge, Kangavar
To the north of the Koocheh Village, in the vicinity of Goodin Village of Kangavar is a brick bridge. This is a construction belonging to the Shah Abbas era, and lies in a west to east direction on the Ab Khoram. The same is 68.80 m. in length, the base of which, till the right of the arched openings is made of slabs of stone. The foundation of these base pillars are filled with cobbled stones in between these columns and covered with a brick layer. All the five openings of the bridge arches are worked in a zigzag fashion. Its northern opening, from the western direction runs in a zigzag style, whereas, from the eastern direction it is of a crescent shaped. On both ends of this bridge are embankments made of slabs of stone, mortar, clay and gypsum

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