Koti Komani Castle’s Graveyard, Roodsar

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Koti Komani Castle’s Graveyard, Roodsar
To the south of the Komani village lays the above mentioned graveyard. Earthenware pieces as well as stones used for its construction, dispersed on the surface of the hillock, reveal the various Islamic civilizations that had a hold in this area. On the steep western slope of the hillock is an archaeological cemetery dating to the first millennium B.C., or the Parthian period. In this graveyard two types of graves can be noted. The first date to the early first millennium B.C. and are in the form of pits. The second are of the Parthian age and these graves are laid out. The corpse was laid on its right side and in a curved manner resembling a fetus. Objects such as grey colored earthenware, various kinds of urns, and articles used as adornments have come to hand in this cemetery.

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