Local and Regional Foods, Fars

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Local and Regional Foods, Fars
In different cities, villages and tribal areas of the province, special kinds of food are prepared. These are known as various Aash (vegetable Shorba) such as Shalqam,Anar, Meat Aash, Yogurt, Kashk, Yasorak, Reshteh, Macaroni, Spinach, Qooreh, Kardeh, Dooq and Kaleh Pacheh Aashes; different Abgoosht(meat Shorbas) such as cabbage, Macaroni, Adasi and simple Abgoosht. Other dishes consists of Polow Babooneh, Havij Polow, Koofteh Helew, Dampokht, Meigoo Polow, Kalam Polow Shirazi, various Khoreshts or curries, Boranies and so many varieties which would be quite interesting and fun for new comers to taste

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