Local and Regional Foods, Gilan

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Local and Regional Foods, Gilan
The regional cuisine of Gilan Province offers a wide array of colorful dishes. Breakfast brings forth a variety of jams accompanied with the traditional types of bread, etc. Lunch and dinner display umpteen kinds of meat, vegetable, leafy vegetable dishes accompanied by pickles of all sorts.
There are a variety of Aash or the traditional type of soup with vegetables, meat and stock such as Aash-e-dooq, Aash-e-kalam, Aash-e-kadu, Aash-e-Gilaki, Aash-e-aloo torsh, etc. to name a few.
A variety of kabobs (grilled meat or poultry) such as Kabob-e-torsh, Seeka kabob, Qaz or Duck kabob, Jujeh or Chicken kabob, Tazeh kabob, Heli kabob, Kabob-e-mahi or Fish kabob etc.
Various types of kookoo (or a type of dish having a combination of eggs with vegetables, meat or fish), such as Kookoo badkubehyi, Kookoo sabzi, Baqla kookoo, Kookoo Gilani, Fish kookoo, etc.
A wide variety of fish dishes are also on the menu, including many kinds of curry with rice and condiments.

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